Is the course suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans? The course is fully suitable for pescatarians, and with a few minor modifications, it is suitable for vegetarians. However, it is not currently suitable for vegans.

My child has SEN, is the course suitable for them? I am very happy to make adjustments for students with SEN. Please contact me before booking so we can discuss this.

What if my child is allergic to ingredients in your recipes? In most cases I can suggest alternatives, but please contact me before booking to discuss.

My daughter is only 12 but I think she would really enjoy the course. Would she be allowed to sign up? The Teen Nutrition School is open to all ages, not just teenagers! Just be sure to comply with any DofE conditions, if applicable.

If my son signs up but changes his mind about the course, can we get a refund? Sorry, no refunds.

How does the online platform work? The course is hosted on Thinkific, which is very user-friendly and straightforward to use. Here is a short video about how it works. Every week there is a nutrition video to watch, and sometimes a kitchen basics video as well. Then there is either an online quiz or a short assignment. Finally, each week there will be a recipe to prepare, and you will need to email me a few photos of your cooking process and finished product. That’s it!

My child has food allergies, will we be able to get advice about his condition? You child will learn some very useful general information about food allergies and many other topics of nutrition. However, the information provided in this course does not constitute medical advice and should not be construed as such. Always consult your GP or other medical professional if you have concerns regarding your child’s health. For information about my professional services, please visit Brain Food – London Children’s Nutrition.

What happens if we are sick or busy and miss a week? The course is designed to be done over 13 weeks, but if you get busy with schoolwork or activities, it’s fine to miss a week or two and continue when you are ready. Or if you have some extra time over the school holidays, you are welcome to work faster to get ahead!